Frequently Asked Questions
about the Charleston Men's Baseball League

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How many games is the season and when does it start/end?
The regular season schedule will be at least 20 games for the 2008 season. Opening Day this year will be May 13, 2008 -- with team practices beginning as early as the day after the tryout (each team schedules their own practices, and they arenít very frequent). The playoffs begin at the end of August and end in mid-September.

When are games played?
Games are typically played every Sunday plus one weeknight game (2 games per week). We donít schedule any games on Friday or Saturday.Sundays with holidays such as Memorial Day, Mother's Day, 4th of July, Labor Day are usually "off" weekends.

Does it cost money to play?
Yes. We are a self-supported league. We pay for our own uniforms, as well as our own league/team fees to cover fields, umpires (2 per game), baseballs, insurance, league maintenance costs, etc. Uniforms run about $50 and league/team fees run about $160 per player. But it varies by team. We'd rather you know the costs up front because it is unfortunate when people get drafted and then choose not to play because of cost. This hurts the team which drafts that individual. In this league, since everybody pays, everybody plays.

I want to be selected on the same team as my friend. What should I do?
Make a note of this in the "Questions and Comments" section of your registration -- and ALSO when you check-in at arrival to the tryout. If you or your friend are selected, you will both be selected onto the same team. But keep in mind, this may limit the likelihood of being selected, as the team drafting will need to use up two of their draft picks.

I haven't played in a while (maybe even years). How competitive is this league?
We are competitive. Almost all of our players have played some high school ball and some played either college ball or amateur ball somewhere else at some point. While we play to have fun, we play to win. At the same time, we understand that new recruits may not have played in a while - sometimes even years. Don't worry. Many of the veterans were in your position when they first entered the league. We have developed some great rivalries between teams throughout the years.Every team will be trying to win, but 'Having Fun is Goal Number One'.

For the MABL 18+ division tryout, I play multiple positions. Which position should I tryout for?
Due to time constraints, we ask that players choose their "best" position and tryout for that. Pitchers are in the greatest demand, so if you pitch, we recommend you tryout there. If you play other positions, you can also list them on your registration form.

I will not be able to attend the tryout, but I really want to play. What should I do?
Register anyhow. But keep in mind, almost all spots are filled at the actual tryout. Only remaining vacant spots are filled after the fact. But people do get hurt, and there are typically a handful of openings as the season progresses.


What do I need to play? - All you need is a glove, a pair of spikes/cleats, a good attitude, and the desire to play baseball. Yes some play with metal spikes. We play with both metal and wooden bats. Since bats are expensive, some players don't mind sharing but be considerate. Catcherís gear and helmets are provided by the teams. If you already have your own gear, then you are ready to play now!!

How fast is the pitching? - Most guys have already used up their arms by the time they get into the league (otherwise they'd be in the pros). In the CMABL you can see various speeds some ranging from junkballers in the 60ís to the upper 80's. You may hear about some guy throwing 90 but if this happens it will not last long because he will either be signed, blow it out or the myth will be revealed and you will realize that he only throws 75 mph.

What positions are most in demand? - All positions are in demand. Good pitchers are like gold in the league (one definition of a good pitcher: more strikes than balls) and have the highest demand. Catchers probably come next, especially when those late season double headers roll around.

How do I get on a team? - Each year an open workout (some call it a tryout) is held in early April. Don't worry, the workout format just gives the team managers a chance to look everyone over and try to match your skills with their needs. After the workout, there is a draft, just like in the professional leagues, with managers taking turns picking players. It takes us about 20 minutes to make the picks and then we introduce the players to their new coach.†† To obtain the latest information on this years draft keep an eye on the draft page at

What happens if I do not get drafted? - Every effort is made to place players from the draft on a team. In the event there are too many players in the draft to fill existing team rosters, we will either form a new team from those left or form a pool of players to be drawn from during the season in case a team runs short on players due to injury or relocation.

Where do you play the games (FIELDS)? - We use high school fields around the Charleston area. In some cases we pay the schools for the use of their facilities using your league fees. To see the list of fields we have used over the years go to theField Directions page for locations.

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